22 Sept 2014

DOSED: DO Something Every Day

I like to make big plans. And usually I end up with nothing at all, since big plans, which aren't divided into manageable subtasks, are hard to accomplish.

Combined with my ever-changing focus and with my tendency to procrastinate, to waste my time with the limitless distractions of the internet, I figured it would be a good idea to establish some kind of obligation.

I want to work on my plans in a somewhat stochastically fashion. I try to create at least one, maybe even a trivial, puzzle-piece each day. No matter what my current project is. In the end I will have increased the probability that something useful grows out of this big pile of puzzle-pieces.
My hope is that I'll develop a feeling of how much I am actually working, if I write my findings down.

The bottom line is, that it is better to DO something (little), than to PLAN on doing something big.

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