2 Mar 2015

Update on DOSED and what I was doing.

Well well. It's been quite some time since the last post. Why? What happened? Did I stop to DOSED?
HELL NO! Certainly there were some days of loafing, but actually I did quite a lot:
  • Studying in my masters course
  • Started to use an alternative keyboard layout:
  • Revived my Cubietruck to use it as a small server
  • Implemented GTD™ (Getting Things Done™) in my life
  • Gaining interest in fiction-writing
  • Recorded a Demo with my band:
  • and a lot more little stuff
In this list is already a lot I could (and maybe should!) write about. I think that I actually can get more done with the tool set I acquired over the last 6 (to 12) months.

Since I keep forgetting stuff this blog will still serve as a journal for my tinkering.

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